Honey, natures finest ingredient!


If there is one  Natural prouct that I love to use on my skin it has to be honey! 


For years honey has been used for its natural healing properties for illnesses and wounds so if it can help your body repair itself imagine the amazing effects it can have on your skin...


Honey is packed with healthy goodness including  antioxidents and  hydrating properties which makes it perfect to moisturise and repair our complextion.



My favourite way to use honey is also what I think is the simplest... I use it as a hydrating face mask by covering my skin in pure organic honey leaving just my eye and lip area clear, I leave my organic mask on my skin for as long as I can whether that be 10 minutes or 30. Once I am ready to remove the honey I use a muslin cloth which has been ran under warm water and gently wipe away the honey, at the same time as removing the honey the muslin cloth will be gently buffing away dead skin leaving your skin hydrated, smooth and radient!


You could also mix in a little bit of sugar into the honey and gently buff the mixture onto your skin for a natural exfoliating treatment!


I absolutly love using honey in my skincare routine and feel as though my skin really benefits from the natural goodness...Give it a try and soak up the goodness from using 100% natural ingredients on your skin!




Leave me a comment on   your favorite natural skincare products!


Abbey x






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