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I’m super excited for this tutorial, I absolutely love Halloween and special effects make-up, it allows you to be as creative as you like and its super fun!


This tutorial is showing you how to create a creepy, tortured clown look which is full of cuts, blood and grossness, the idea behind this look was that the clown had been tortured and the main areas which are focused on for clowns such as the mouth, eyes and fun coloured eyebrows had been cut and sliced away.. resulting in a tortured clown..  Eiw!


What you will need:

Cream based colours: For this look I used the Kryolan Rubber Mask Grease Palette however you can just as easily use cream eyeshadows. You will need a deep red, a bright red, black, blue and yellow.

Sculpt Gel: This product is what you use to create the wounds however you could also use special effects wax to mould the wounds, I just prefer Sculpt Gel as it is longer wearing and will stick directly to your skin therefore no adhesives are needed.

Pros-aide: This is a special effects adhesive which I used to protect my brows before applying the Sculpt Gel to make sure I still had brows when the wound was removed!

Collodion: I used Collodion on the tip of my nose to create a scarred, crusty effect as it pulls the skin tight creating a scar effect.

Blood: No special effects make-up would be completed without some blood! I used special effects blood but you can easily make your own buy mixing treacle and red food colouring or anything you find in your kitchen (edible) which kind of is the same constancy as blood mixed with red food colouring to give it the blood look.


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